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About Detectamet

Detectamet is the world’s leading producer and distributor of detectable tools and equipment used by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The company’s origins go back ten years and it now has an inventory of more than 130 products with ranges developed to help reduce the risk of product contamination.

The founder’s foresight and drive has led to a vigorous program of new product development and the company distributes its products to more than 40 countries. Detectamet attends a growing number of international exhibitions.

The company employs almost 50 people working in teams.  There are IT specialists who have developed the web sites to inform and sell products. There is a sales team which provides direct contact with UK and overseas customers, plus a manufacturing team who assemble, pack and despatch the products.

With a reputation for developing new products Detectamet is very happy to discuss the special needs of customers for products that fulfil a unique need, and should be detectable.

The ranges include stationery products personal protection equipment, measuring and mixing devices and several cleaning tools. With a very strong base in metal detectable plastics Detectamet has recently expanded into high grade stainless steel products that are used both in food processing a catering/food service businesses.

Mission Statement

"We pride ourselves in offering the global market a service that is second to none, coupled with our commitment to innovation in design and quality of manufacture."

"We are proud of our pioneering and proactive approach to the ongoing changes in industry and we strive to build on our strengths as a group of companies, allowing us to expand our current markets and continuously explore new opportunities."

Established in 2003, Detectamet Ltd are a proud ISO 9001:2008 accredited company offering innovation, enthusiasm and foresight in abundance!

Our key focus is the design, manufacture and supply of x-ray and metal detectable products, bringing both tried and tested concepts to the marketplace and continually developing new and innovative solutions.

This allows us to offer the largest and most comprehensive range of detectable products available, giving all of our customers a greater opportunity to reduce the risk of foreign body contamination.